Zodi Camp Shower

The Zodi portable camp shower is one of the more popular products that allows campers to enjoy the experience of camping without having to sacrifice the feeling of being clean. This product is essentially an indoor hot shower that is able to be used in the open woods or any outdoor area. It functions through the use of a portable propane cylinder that is directly connected to a single or double burner on the unit.

This camp shower costs between $200 to $300 and comes with a cold and hot tap to make using the shower more effecient and easier to use than most others. Below are instructions on how to use this camp shower and to make sure that it is working properly.

How To Use Camp Showers

  • First you will need to place the necessary batteries in the case and repeatedly push the on and off button on the water pump. This will show you whether or not it is really on or not.
  • Now find a well ventilated area around your camp site where you can set the shower up. The heating units will emit carbon monoxide and while it is being used it has the ability to start a fire if not in the right area. Any vehicles, twigs, and leaves should be remoed from around the shower.
  • Set up the necessary shower parts. Read the instructions carefully to make sure that everything is connected properly and that you have not forgotten anything.
  • Connect the propane cylinder to the gas valves. These cylinders must be off while you are connecting them to avoid potential and harmful problems.
  • Set the cylinders vertically in the lid of the hot top gallon water container and secure it. Place the pump in the water and make sure to test it out. The hose should begin to work within twenty seconds of turning it on. You can use the water container or a natural source of water.