Portable Camping Shower

Over the years there have been many types of portable camping shower that have come on the market. You can have them as simply as one that you carry with you when you backpack or even more elaborate ones that come with have propane heater so you can have that warm water that you enjoy every morning from your home.

The most basic camp shower is a bag filled with water that can be hung from a tree or top of a portable shower tent and can be carried with you like if you were going to be hiking for a long period of time. The bag has a tube and nozzle flowing out of the bottom end of it that is almost just like a miniature shower head. The water used here is normally heated by the Sun or solar powered. Obviously this will be a problem if you are going to be expecting cloudy days with little sun light.

On the other hand there are other options that can guarantee you hot water like – gas or battery power camping showers. These are my favorite choices – but not really an option if you are backpacking it. But if you are going to keep your vehicle near by and can lug it around in that – then you are good to go.

If privacy is important to you and you want to have a full sit up then there are many options out there for you as well. For instance other than just hanging a bag of water from a tree – there are full shower enclosures that are about as easy to set up as a small tent.

Most portable camping showers will cost anywhere between $30 to $60. The higher the price is the more features you will be given. Each tent will come with a bag to carry the tent inside of and stakes that will secure it to the ground.