DIY Camping Shower

Camping is an age old tradition that many of us love to do while we are young and the older we get the more fun it is. The only thing that many of us don’t enjoy is how hard it can be stay clean during all that time in the woods. It is no wonder that we try to purchase a camp shower to bring along with us.

The great thing about camp showers is that they allow us to wash off every morning and to stay clean and fresh without having to wash up in a lake full of fish. The only downside to them is that they can be expensive. For those of you wishing to save money why not build your own shower?

What To Do

  • Visit your nearest home improvement store and purchase eight 3 way connectors, five pieces of 5 feet PVC pipes, nine pieces of 1 foot PVC pipes, a drill, a garden hose, a bucket, a four by six feet plastic tarp and tie backs.
  • Create a square and connect the four 1 foot pipes and the four 3 way connectors. This will create a top and base for your shower.
  • The 5 feet PVC pipes will be the sides or frame of the shower. Wrap the plastic tarp around the frame to create a covering. Now use the tie backs to connect the tarps to the frame.
  • For the water supply you are going to need rubber medical tubing that is 10 feet long, a 1 gallon pump spray bottle, knife, heavy duty bands, and rope.
  • Cut the hose that is connected to the spray bottle using the knife. The other end of the hose that is connected to the bottle will also need to be cut. Replace the hose with the rubber medical tubing so that it is fitted to the nozzle and the bottle. Wrap the rubber brands around the tubing to keep it in place.